A downloadable Psychological Game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

You play as Brandon West, a good for nothing really stupid police officer. The story is for everyone, it can be serious, funny, dramatic or horrific.  I made this game because Ive always wanted to make a game which can be played any way, thats what Im trying to do with my good friend Brandon. You see, Brandon is supposed to be anything, sort of. What I mean is that in this game, the choices you make determine not only which story you get, but also what genre and what style of writing. EG, if you go one way youll get a jacksepticeye reference and another way will give you a dark and twisted ending with insanity and rage.

It currently has about 27 endings which each last around 3 in game days (some are shorter) but will have 31 in the full release. This is a text based game so there aren't any pictures, but there might be in later development

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